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  • streamlight tlr-1 hl
    When it comes to tactical flashlights, making the right choice is important since it will save you the money and disappointment of having to experiment with cheap models. [...]

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The Brightest Flashlight In The World? – The Nitecore TM26

Is the Nitecore TM26 the brightest tactical flashlight in the world?? Well, although there are other brighter flashlights out there, The Nitecore Tiny Monster touts itself as the world’s smallest and brightest flashlights and we think you’ll be hard pushed to find a better powerhouse than the TM26. This super bright tactical flashlight is extremely portable, has a massive 4000 lumens of power [...]

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  • best 1000 lumen flashlight
    Selecting the best 1000 lumen flashlight can be a difficult and complex process. The reason for this is simple – the market is flooded with numerous brands. Each brand claims to be the best out there. What makes things even more complicated is the fact that different users champion their favorite flashlights as the best. For someone looking for reliable information in order to make an informed purchasing decision, all this noise is unhelpful. And yet, to fully enjoy the benefits of the 1000 [...]

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  • Nitecore SRT7 Revenger: Size Comparison
    What Is A Tactical Flashlight? Originally tactical flashlights were designed for the military to use in tactical situations. These flashlights were powerful, high-performing, lightweight and built to withstand extreme combat conditions. Many were designed to be attached to weapons for low light or night time shooting. The tactical flashlight technology then started to branch out to the police and other law enforcement agencies and as the technology evolved and became cheaper, the tactical [...]